Kelly O'
08/15/2012 4:06pm

Kathy is a wonderful healer. My chakra balancing session was peaceful, professional, comforting, and educational. I was grateful she explained everything she was doing and the purposes behind the techniques. I felt amazing after my session, and have recommended her to many friends.

Maryellen N.
08/15/2012 8:07pm

Kathy is very respectful, educational, professional on all levels. I have been a Physical Therapist for 16 years and highly recommend her to my closest friends. My Chakra Balancing session was relaxing and comforting. I left feeling refreshed and energized.

08/16/2012 5:14am

Kathy is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and intuitive. I went to Kathy because I have been experiencing some extreme stress in my life and I new that I was not balanced. I found the chakra balancing was very energetic, peaceful and I found a type of release that was profound. I left her presence smiling, light and looking forward to another treatment in the future.


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